The Sound Of somanymusic [s02e01]

The Sound Of somanymusic is a mixed compilation, celebrating the 5 years of the label.

Here is the 1st episode from the 2nd season.

201 (07/2015-12/2015)

Deepdoon – Civil Erosion (Original Mix) [DVM00021]

J Dovy – Brighter Day (Original Mix) [DVM00022]

Slashisticks – Afrika My Child (Original Mix) [DVM00023]

J Dovy – Let It Live (Extended Mix) [DVM00024]

Man-T Underground – Journey Into Life (feat Sam) (Original Mix) [DVM00025]

Alex Schuroff – Inspiration Summer (Original Mix) [DVM00026]

Daniel Harris – The Story (Original Mix) [SOMAN002]

Artispure – Where did The Day Go (feat Jasmine) (Johannes Remix) [DVM00027]

Luc Forlorn – Sadness in Sorrow (Allada’s Drums of Happiness Mix) [DVM00028]

Ricochet – A.D.N. (Original Mix) [DVM00029]

J Dovy – Deep Sounds Around (Original Mix) [DVM00030]