The Sound Of somanymusic [s01e02]

The Sound Of somanymusic is a mixed compilation, celebrating the 5 years of the label.

Here is the 2nd episode from the 1st season.

102 (05/2015-07/2015)

Deepdoon – My Need For You (Extended Mix)  [DVM00011]

Kolshi – Golden Age (feat TinTin Cherry) ((J Dovy’s View to a Future Mix) [DVM00012]

Luc Forlon – The End Game (Blames Brown Remix) [DVM00013]

Side 3 – Power (Mix #1) [DVM00014]

J Dovy – Chances (Original Mix) [DVM00015]

Johannes – The Ways (Original Mix) [DVM00017]

LPMH – Many Moods Of Deep (Original Mix) [DVM00018]

Monsieur Jean – Everywhere (Original Edit) [DVM00019]

324AM – PomPom (Original Mix) [DVM00020]