The Sound Of somanymusic [s02e02]

The Sound Of somanymusic is a mixed compilation, celebrating the 5 years of the label.

Here is the 2nd episode from the 2nd season.

202 (12/2015-04/2016)

Her Joys – Dead Roses (Original Mix) [DVM00031]

GDNGT – Morning Dew (Original Mix) [DVM00032]

Kolshi – Remember Me (Souvenir D’acide Mix by Ricochet) [DVM00033]

La Rose – Walk Away (Original Mix) [DVM00034]

Bowyer Hawks – Sandhammaren (Original Mix) [DVM00035]

LyFe&Daze – MPC60 (Original Mix) [DVM00036]

Ronald Rascal – Careless Delight (J Dovy’s Sweet Deep Mix) [DVM00037]

S.D.J. – Tell Me (Original Mix) [DVM00038]

Ame Vent – You are too good (feat Cory Friesenhan) (J Dovy’s Epic Mix) [DVM00039]

324AM – Balafonk (part1) (Original Mix) [DVM00040]