DVM00070 Men from Nobu “Memorandrum”

Dear music lovers, we hope you spend a nice winter. Our label is back with 1st release of the year.

Men from Nobu are back with an EP, containing some tracks that been released in live version on Nylon Trax.
Those tracks with some other ones are being released in their original studio versions and an unreleased mix from ”The Best of Us”.

We wish you a good listening of Men from Nobu’s Memorandrum.


Track List
1 The Best Of Us (Original Mix)
2 A Deeper Effect (Original Mix)
3 The Analog (Original Mix)
4 Step Up (Original Mix)
5 We Have A Dream (Original Mix)
6 The Best Of Us (Unreleased Mix2)

Written, performed, produced by Jean Dovy, Vartan Fau for somanymusic


|CVBA ”DubbyTwn (Original Mix)” |
|Dawson ”Zulu Groove (Original Mix)” |
|S.D.J. ”Deep Project (Original Mix)” |
|Ame Vent ”Wanna Move (feat Walking Technique) (Original Mix)” |
|LyFe&Daze ”We Might Care (Original Mix)” |
|324AM ”Higher (Original Mix)” |
|J Dovy ”Friday Night (9PM Vocal Mix)” |
|The Archivists ”Valley1” |
|Men from Nobu ”A Moment in Time (Original Mix)” |
|Ricochet ”Primavera (feat Alex Wrong) (Original Mix)” |


|Frederick Alonso ”My Love (Feat. Kash Jay)” |
|Deep Kosha ”Motion Waves (KaostatiQ Remix)” |
|Markus Homm ”Anker” |
|Izzy La Vague ”Love,Lost And Redefined (Original Mix)” |
|Jay Naidu & Ame Vent ”Tribal Instincts (Original Mix)” |
|Fabrizio Marra ”Sensation (Moe Turk Mix)” |
|Unknown Artist ”Unknown Track” |
|Doler ”In My Dream (Original Mix)” |
|Oscar P. ”Your Local News (Soul Minority Deep Mix)” |
|Angie Ground ”Footsteps (Original Mix)” |
|Reagan Grey ”Take It Back (UGLH Unreleased Heavy Dub)” |
|LyFe&Daze ”MPC60 (Original Mix)” |
|AudioJack ”Phenomena” |
|Men from Nobu ”True Fight (Deep Remix)” |
|Justin Harris ”Got Time To Move (Dub)” |
|Milklord ”Hood Party (Original Mix)” |


|Detach Feat. Jowin ”Trade (Original Mix)” |
|LyFe&Daze ”Best Sides (Original Mix)” |
|Nicola Assi ”Again (Daniell C Remix)” |
|Unknown ”Unknown” |
|Sasha G ”You Hurt Me (Johnny Ro Remix)” |
|Side 3 ”I Found You (Original Mix)” |
|Livio Mode & Bart Gori feat. Soul Sarah ”Love Is Real (Deep Mix)” |
|Ronald Rascal ”Careless Delight (J Dovy’s Sweet Deep Mix)” |
|Chris J ”Electrostix (Original Mix)” |
|Men from Nobu ”Living (Original Mix)” |
|Fapples ”Let Me Be (Greendoxyn Remix)” |
| J Dovy ”Survive (feat Sam) (Original Mix)” |
|Adverb ”Hyle” |
|Ricochet ”Memoires d’Usine (Original Mix)” |