|CVBA ”Other Night (Original Mix)” |
|GDNGT ”Ceremony (Original Mix)” |
|Her Joys ”Insignificant (Original Mix)” |
|Ivan M feat Athina ”Mermaid (Atlantis Remix by J Dovy)” |
|Blackmagic Kitchen ”King Lion (Original Mix)” |
|Udumusic feat Insola & Jan Art ” Soul of you (Original lineage mix)” |
|Allada ”Land of Fools (Original Mix)” |
|Busi Mhlongo ”Yapheli’mali Yami (Halo & Lars Behrenroth Remix)” |
|Varhat ”Khù„” |
|Galcher Lustwerk ”Parlay” |
|Johannes ”Try It (Igor Gonya Remix)” |
|Roger Gerressen ”No School Like The Old School” |
|Delta Quadrant ”Bronze (Original Mix)” |
|Fouk ”Stuff Your Dad Liked” |
|Harvey Sutherland ”New Paradise” |


01.TouchmusiQ-Deep House Lover’s (Coming Soon Endless Grooves Album)
03.Eddie Fowlkes-That’s what I Think About (Culoe De Song Remix)
04.Roland Clark-Show Me Ft Urban Soul (TouchmusiQ’s Deep)
05.TouchmusiQ-Dayz Of Our Lifes (Coming Soon Endless Grooves Album)
06.TouchmusiQ-Around­ The World (Coming Soon Endless Grooves Album)
07.Tonic HD-My Bright Side
08.House Victimz-The Saxes (Main Mix)
09.Musical Freedom by Lestic Soulshaker


|S.D.J. ”Tell Me (Original Mix)” |
|Izzy La Vague ”Open Your Mind (Original Mix)” |
|Ronald Rascal ”Looking At You (Humble Mix by Allada)” |
|Capitol A and Jaymz Nylon ”We Are All Heroes (Ritual Mix)” |
|Side 3 ”Fields (Unreleased Mix)” |
|Pia Deen ”Gone (feat Nikki Dine-Hart) (Ebony Children Deep Remix)” |
|Ame Vent ”You are too good (feat Cory Friesenhan) (J Dovy’s Epic Mix)” |
|Jaymz Nylon meets Futurewife ”Get Lost In The Music (Lost Deep Remix)” |
|324AM ”Higher [Original Demo]” |
|Bowyer Hawks ”Like Rain (Original Mix)” |
|Her Joys ”To Let Go (Original Mix)” |
|LyFe&Daze ”MPC60 (Original Mix)” |
|J Dovy ”Any Day (Original Mix) |