SO-0002 Monsieur Jean ”La Parabole du Groove”

Hello dear music lovers,
We been silent since a few days, because of technical issues, you will receive in the following days the promo of the DVM00046 before the DVM00045.
This week we are back with the new album from the new series on our label.

La Parabole du Groove is an album by Monsieur Jean who cooked this menu of 18 tracks.
During the listenning you will catch, we hope, the groove fever delivered by Monsieur Jean.


Title: La Parabole du Groove
Artist: Monsieur Jean
Catalog#: SO-0002
Label: somanymusic

Track List
1 A Coolin’ Situation (Original Mix)
2 The Private Thought (Original Mix)
3 Le pouvoir des fleurs (Original Mix)
4 On You ! (Original Mix)
5 Dance with Cassandra (Original Mix)
6 Everywhere (Original Edit)
7 Gary’s House of Jam (Original Mix)
8 Mr Roy’s Disco Enthropia (Original Mix)
9 Latin Corner (Original Mix)
10 Ying-Yang (Money Game) (Original Mix)
11 Compares to Nothing (Original Mix)
12 Tightened (Original Mix)
13 Glued (Original Mix)
14 New Life (Original Mix)
15 Jerk Time (Original Mix)
16 Kind doesn’t Mean Weak (Original Mix)
17 Black is My Color (Original Mix)
18 Untitled Flavor (Original Mix)

produced by Jean Dovy for dovymusic

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