SO-0001 Men from Nobu ”The 3rd Ear Incursion”

The release of this week is special. It opens a new category in our label.
We begin with the first album of the band Men from Nobu.

From the duo founded by Jean Dovy and Vartan Fau, a new member came to joign
them into their musical sxplorations.

Since their 1st release on Nylon Trax, ”The Best of Us”, which was supported by
Robert Owens and a few tracks on Raw Matter Recordings, they are back in the game.

Relax and enjoy this musical journey brought to you by somanymusic.


Title: The 3rd Ear Incursion
Artist: Men from Nobu
Catalog#: SO-0001
Label: somanymusicTrack List
1 We Are (Intro)
2 Honey (Original Mix)
3 Knock Knock! (Original Mix)
4 Alchemy (Original Mix)
5 Colors of Hours (Original Mix)
6 Grease (Original Mix)
7 A Moment Time (Original Mix)
8 Our Tribe (Original Mix)
9 Living (Original Mix)
10 True Fight (Original Mix)
11 Storyboard (Original Mix)
12 Backstage (Original Mix)
13 Stereo (Original Mix)
14 Terminus (Original Mix)


releases April 29, 2016

produced by Jean Dovy, Vartan Fau, Adolphe Tiki for somanymusic

Keyboards, percussions, horn, arrangement, production : Vartan Fau
Guitar, arrangement, production : Adolphe Tiki
Drums programming, arrangement, production, mastering : Jean Dovy