DVM00058 Monsieur Jean ”Summer Flavors”

The heat is ”on”, the sun breaks finally the chain of cold we had since these last months…

Monsieur Jean is back with a new EP smelling good the summer, 4 tracks of a sound made to shake our bodies on the dancefloors and on the beach.

Enjoy this new release without moderation…

Title : Summer Flavors
Artist : Monsieur Jean
Catalog# : DVM00058
Label : somanymusic

Track List
1 Coffee Beans (Original Mix)
2 Show Me (Original Mix)
3 Don’t Cut My Hands (Original Mix)
4 Wild Pitch (Original Mix)

all tracks written, mixed and produced by Jean Dovy

website : http://jdovy.com | http://somanymusic.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/somanymusic | https://www.facebook.com/jdovy
Cyberspace : https://soundcloud.com/somanymusic | https://soundcloud.com/m0n513ur-j34n