DVM00057 Glasgow Beat Collective ”Affaire de Coeur”


The release of may is a come back into a new project by Kolshi and his crew from Scotland.
Affaire de Coeur is a single with remixes of members from Glasgow Beat Collective and 2 versions by J Dovy.
This coktail of remixes gives a colorful single sliding from an atmosphere to another with ease.

Enjoy this new release on somanymusic.

Title : Affaire de Coeur
Artist : Glasgow Beat Collective
Catalog# : DVM00057
Label : somanymusic

Track List
1 Affaire de Coeur (Col and Stu Original Mix)
2 Affaire de Coeur (Raumstadt Ambient Mix)
3 Affaire de Coeur (J Dovy’s Deep Edit)
4 Affaire de Coeur (Kolshi Mix)
5 Affaire de Coeur (J Dovy’s Epic Deep Mix)

all tracks, written, mixed and produced by Colin O’brien, Stuart Mcilvaney, Brian Thompson
remix produced by
2. Brian Thompson
3 & 5 . Jean Dovy
4 Colin O’brien, mixed down and mastered by Zariis Productions

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