DVM00055 Men from Nobu ”Backstage Sessions”

Dear friends music lovers, we invite you to listen to our next release.
Backstage Sessions contains a few remixes from the previous album by Men from Nobu.

These remixes from ”The 3rd Ear Incursion” been produced by Jean Dovy as a re-reading by the band of their own work.
Enjoy and share these tracks we offer you.


Title : Backstage Sessions
Artist : Men from Nobu
Catalog# : DVM00055
Label : somanymusic

Track List
1 Honey (Happy Bee Remix)
2 True Fight (Deep Remix)
3 Colors of Hours (House Edit)
4 Living (Long Edit)

produced by Jean Dovy, Vartan Fau, Adolphe Tiki for somanymusic

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