DVM00046 LyFe&Daze ”Echoes and Grooves”

Interesting fact of this coming summer ?
The come back of few artists from label with new projects is like a story.
We take the page of LyFe&Daze, we check the 2nd EP of the collaboration
between Luc Forlorn and Jean Dovy.
4 tracks between chill, deep and house a soft porgram made for you.

Time to listen ”Echoes & Grooves” by LyFe&Daze.

Title : Echoes and Grooves
Artist : LyFe&Daze
Catalog# : DVM00046
Label : somanymusic

Track List
1 A Dubious Proposition (Ricochet’s Proposal)
2 Days of Our Lives (Week-End Mix)
3 Drowin'(Mode Deep Edit)
4 Club Life (Original Mix)

produced by Jean Dovy and Luc Forlorn for somanymusic

website : https://somanymusic.bandcamp.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/somanymusic | https://www.facebook.com/lyfeanddaze/
Cyberspace : https://soundcloud.com/somanymusic | https://soundcloud.com/lyfe-daze