DVM00044 Ame Vent ”Resonating Field”

Ame Vent is back with his first LP. 10 tracks to embrace his point of musical view.
Beautiful mixes of melodies and grooves, you add some featurings by artists like
Ronald Rascal, Cory Friesenhan or Jay Naidu, this is a real trip of minds.
Listen and enjoy ”Resonating Field” by Ame Vent and keep in touch with this artist.

Title: Resonating Field
Artist: Ame Vent
Catalog#: DVM00044
Label: somanymusic

Track List
1 Wind Song (feat Ronald Rascal) (Original Mix)
2 Cinematic (Instrumental Mix)
3 Whisky (Original Mix)
4 Land Of The Rising Sun (Original Mix)
5 Wanna Move (feat Walking Technique) (Original Mix)
6 Tribal Instincts (Original Mix)
7 You are too good (feat Cory Friesenhan) (Original Mix)
8 I Live (Original Mix)
9 No Answer (Original Mix)
10 Jesus (Original Mix)

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releases May 9, 2016

produced by Sergey Pollak for somanymusic
1 piano performed and arranged by Motloang Mohapi
5 produced by Walking Technique and Sergey Pollak for somanymusic
6 produced by Jay Naidu and Sergey Pollak for somanymusic
7 produced by Cory Friesenhan and Sergey Pollak for somanymusic