DVM00043 Dawson ”Zulu Groove”

We are back this week under the sun of South Africa.
Dawson who gave us a pretty impression with his track ”Anna”,
featuring on our compilation ”The Deep Generation part2”, is back
with a 2 tracks single ”Zulu Groove”.

Listen and feel the deep sounds of Dawson.
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Title: Zulu Groove
Artist: Dawson
Catalog#: DVM00043
Label: somanymusic

Track List

1 Zulu Groove (Original Mix)
2 Delay Prophet (Original Mix)

website : somanymusic.com | somanymusic.com/artists/dawson
Facebook : www.facebook.com/somanymusic |
Cyberspace : soundcloud.com/somanymusic |
releases May 2, 2016

produced by Ashwin Dawson Julies for somanymusic