DVM00040 324AM ”Higher in Joburg”

It’s been a long time since last release by 324AM but it’s not for nothing.
His 2 tracks single is a delight and a demonstration of his talent.
The recipe is effective, some heavy cooked house grooves, some melodies to spin your head,
and you are into the magic touch of 324AM.

Enjoy and share 324AM’s ”Higher in Joburg”


Title: Higher in Joburg
Artist: 324AM
Catalog#: DVM00040
Label: somanymusic

Track List
1 Balafonk part1 (Original Mix)
2 Higher (Original Mix)

website : somanymusic.com | 324am.fr
Facebook : www.facebook.com/somanymusic | www.facebook.com/324am
Cyberspace : soundcloud.com/somanymusic | soundcloud.com/324am
releases April 11, 2016

produced by Cédric Lefebvre for somanymusic