DVM00037 Ronald Rascal ”The Sunshine”

Let’s sit and listen  to the new single release by Ronald Rascal.

2 tracks of house containing  all the ingredients to make honour to the musical style.

Then you have the 2 remixes produced by Jean Dovy, repainted under different moods of deep house…

releases March 14, 2016

Title: The Sunshine

Artist: Ronald Rascal

Catalog#: DVM00037

Label: somanymusic

Track List

1 Careless Delight (Original Mix)

2 Looking At You (Original Mix)

3 Careless Delight (J Dovy’s Sweet Deep Mix)

4 Looking At You (Humble Mix by Allada)


produced by Motloang Mohapi for somanymusic

remixes produced by Jean Dovy for dovymusic

website  : https://somanymusic.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/somanymusic

Cyberspace : https://soundcloud.com/somanymusic