DVM00036 LyFe&Daze ”We Still Care!”

Here comes the 1st release of the collaboration between Luc Forlorn and Jean Dovy.

The result is a combination of deepness and grooves bathed into melodies.

Title: We Still Care!
Artist: LyFe&Daze
Catalog#: DVM00036
Label: somanymusicTrack List
1 Best Sides (Original Mix)
2 Stop to Run (Vocal Mix)
3 MPC60 (Original Mix)
4 We Might Care (Original Mix)
5 Seriously (Original Mix)website : somanymusic.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/somanymusic
Cyberspace : hearthis.at/pxktbzpj/

produced by Jean Dovy and Luc Forlorn for somanymusic