DVM00033 Kolshi ”Remember Me”

Kolshi is back with a new track for the house lovers. 2 versions and a remix by Ricochet will keep you in trance for a subliminal trip into past and future…

Title: Remember Me

Artist: Kolshi

Catalog#: DVM00033

Label: somanymusic

Track List

1. Remember Me (Original Mix)

2. Remember Me (Smooth Dub)

3. Remember Me (Souvenirs d’Acide Mix by Ricochet)


produced by Colin O’brien

remix produced by Jean Dovy for dovymusic

website  : http://somanymusic.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/somanymusic

Cyberspace : https://soundcloud.com/somanymusic | https://soundcloud.com/kolshi