DVM00030 J Dovy ”The Deep Purpose #2”

Album of 12 tracks produced by J Dovy is a trip that takes you in the bones.

Each track been produced to keep a deep underground atmosphere, with hypnotic grooves and melodies.


Title: The Deep Purpose #2
Artist: J Dovy
Catalog#: DVM00030
Label: somanymusic

Track List
1.Harmless (Original Mix)
2.It Was Me (Original Mix)
3.Deep Sounds Around (Original Mix)
4.In Our Heads (Deepest Wishes) (Original Mix)
5.Our Freedom (Album Mix)
6.Still Something (Original Mix)
7.Groove Wave (Original Mix)
8.The Frontier (Album Mix)
9.On Yourself (Original Mix)
10.This Round is Mine (Original Mix)
11.Remain the Calm (Original Mix)
12.The Meaning is Deep (Original Mix)

produced by Jean Dovy for somanymusic