Her Joys

HER JOYS is a Portuguese DJ, Producer and label co-owner. He was born and raised in Aveiro, Portugal, currently residing in Oslo, Norway.

It was in 2004 Her Joys first touched the Technics, and from that moment he got obsessed with the art of mixing. Though still having vinyl as his primary “instrument”, he is a true all-rounder when it comes to mastering the different devices.

Playing some highly sought after ‘bar sessions’ several nights a month, Her Joys has been a name in the Portuguese nightlife for a decade. With his organic DJ’s skills, he delves into the intimacy of small hot spot bars, after hours and private parties where he shows off his diverse musical taste and genuine love for music. He takes his listeners on a journey from deep to classic house beats, techy grooves and disco-fuelled edits, as well as modern and ethnic influences. Whether he is gracing the decks at Aveiro local hot spots (ie Canto Vivo, Fonte Nova, Luxor, NB Club, JAM After Hours); Pitch or Maus Hábitos in Porto or Quebra in Coimbra, you will always find Her Joys playing records full of feeling. Music is his medium and way of life.

Her Joys started to produce his own music in 2010, released on the label Sui Generiz. One of his tracks (“Tonic”) got charted by Ramon Tapia, reaching the Beatport’s Tech-house Top100.

In 2014 he started the label Kreattones with his dj-colleague Andy Book.

Expanding the horizon is his current focus, evident in his recent development. Through the label he recently played for a full Electrische Club in Nice, France. These days he is working on new musical projects, as well as taking his brand to his new place of residence, Oslo, Norway.

release ”Dead Roses” available  December 28th 2015


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